Saturday, 17 December 2011

my feelings and expectation in UBI 1022's first classes

hye guys..???what up..???

today..i want create a little story about " my first english class" ..

the first english class..i was sitting in like history in class where i sit in front near a table"im so proud of my self "...sem 1 already past..and i must change semester 2 to be better than before..what happens in semester one,has a lesson to me and i had to make it as a spirit burner..

suddenly.. A woman opened the door and she went directly to the table lecture..i was wondering.."is it my english lecture???"

"hye are you??"
"fine,thank you"
"you all know me?"
" name is miss Junaidah..for the semester 2..i was your english lecture"

on my mind..i think her a fierce so scared with her.."oh my god..plz dont give me a fierce lecture..i really beg of you.."

introducing each other was first step we can know each class has any diploma programmes such as accountancy,finance,manufacturing technology. marketing and information technology.

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